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Yo Kevin, huck me a raccoon too.

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

Raccoon Toss

Solar Charging Hydration Pack

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Solar hydration pack

Successfully tested the 6V 3.4W solar panel I added my Dakine Hydration Pack. It kept me quenched and full of juice. I took a motorbike ride up Duffey Lake Road and hiked Joffrey Lakes. One the most beautiful places on earth if you ask me.

Joffre Glacier Solar Pack

With the motorbike pointed North (panel on my back south facing) I was able to charge up my old iPhone’s battery and keep it running all day as well as top up a GoPro for a long timelapse by the lake.

Solar components

Using Adafruit kits and the tutorial provided, I had the two kits soldered and secured in an enclosure in about an hour. I’m using a nice clam-shell box from a Swiss army knife to hold everything and as a bonus, The 2700mAh 3.7v LiPo snuggly press-fits into the soft lining.

Next steps are to move over the Flora and GPS from my winter glove project.

Solar panel on hydration pack

Go forth! Let there be light!

Google trends for Arduino

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Google trends is neat. Showing interest level of topics by date. Things are looking up for Arduino. Be sure to check out the Regional Interest section “change over time” link near the bottom. Works as a visual outbreak map of the term you are searching.

It’s another gauge to measure interest or perhaps marketing performance.

While it’s hardly scientific, not knowing the full detail, a simple graph can tell a story.